Albany Assist Nuisance Call Problem

How to report nuisance calls?

When you receive these nuisance calls, ensure you write down as much detail about the call as possible, including the date, time, name of the company and the number you were called from.

You can then report these calls to a number of organisations:

The Telephone Preference Service

You can report a complaint on their website or by phoning them on 0345 070 0707

The Information Commissioner’s Office

Report your concerns on their website.

Action Fraud

If you believe the calls may be related to fraudulent activity, could can contact Action Fraud.

Local Police

Malicious, abusive or threatening calls are a criminal offence.

If you receive this type of call you should contact your phone provider immediately and request to speak with their nuisance calls team.

If the caller makes direct threats to you or your family and you believe those threats to be real, you should contact your local police station on 101 from your landline or mobile.