Albany Assist Nuisance Call Problem

Albany Assist Nuisance Calls - Important Information

We are aware that cold calls are being made to the public using the name 'Albany Assist' or ‘Albany’. We believe these calls are randomly targeting members of the public to fraudulently obtain information relating to possible road traffic accidents and injuries sustained by the driver and/or passengers. These calls can often involve the callers becoming confrontational, angry and abusive, leaving the person receiving the call distressed.

We believe that the callers do not operate from a legitimate registered business and are not approved by any of the appropriate industry regulators. The calls are made using many different numbers, which cannot be recalled or traced.

Please do not under any circumstances provide details or information in relation to an accident you may have been involved in, or supply personal data such as address, telephone number or National Insurance Number.

Note that Albany Assistance is in no way connected with these calls or the callers. We do not make unsolicited outbound telephone contact with members of the public. If we do call a customer in connection with their case, we will always take appropriate security precautions at the beginning of the call to verify our own and the customer's identity.

Nuisance Call Numbers

Below are the numbers most commonly used by the nuisance callers, if you have received a call from any of these numbers. Please click the appropriate button below.

Take Action

Please do take the time to report any such calls to the appropriate authorities yourself to help others and end this unnecessary intrusion. We have provided a number of useful links on this page to allow you to quickly and easily report details of the call to regulators and other consumer information sites.

Action Fraud

Report this nuisance call to the National Fraud and Cyber Crime Reporting Centre.

Information Commissioner's Office

Read more on nuisance calls and messages.

Ministry of Justice

How to complain about nuisance calls.

Report it to us

If you would like to report details of any calls you have received to us please email.

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